Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Neato Robotics xv-11 – the Incredible Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Rememeber Rosie, the robotic maid in the Jetsons? The idea of a robot cleaning our houses was science fiction stuff a few decades ago, but now it is part of our everyday lives. The intelligent Neato xv-11 robotic vacuum is definitely one of the best autonomous vacuums you can get. Smart, meticulous and even good looking, this robot is my personal favorite.

It uses a system which is patented by Neato Robotics, the RPS (room positioning technology). First, it uses a laser to scan the room, identifying doorways and objects in the room. This way it creates a map, and stores it in its tiny hard drive. The map is updated constantly, so if anything changes in the room, the xv-11 will know about it and won't bump into things like a retard. Using this map, it determines the most efficient cleaning path, always starting with the perimeter of the room. It then cleans the interior area by vacuuming in straight lines, just as any one of us do. Because of its intelligent cleaning path and knowledge of the room, the robot cleans fast and covers the entire area, without missing a spot.

Older models of automated vacuum cleaners had certain problems, like falling down the stairs because they were looking the other way (joke), or failing to cover the entire surface of the room because it forgot where it had already cleaned. Also, bumping into every coffee table, sofa and chair in the room was common. However, this is not the case for the Neato xv-11. It is smart enough to detect stairs in time and avoid them, and its digital map of the room and progress update software allows it to know very well which areas have not been cleaned yet. Sure, it does bump into stuff from time to time, but that's rare and it's actually very cute when it goes around a table leg in a circle, for best area coverage. It doesn't miss a single spot.

How Neato xv-11 works

Just like your classic upright vacuum, it works on all floors and all types of surface, and it has a very powerful motor that ensures an excellent suction force. At its core there is a centrifugal impeller that uses advanced air flow principles in order to create the highest suction possible. The company that produces it says that it has the most powerful vacuum suction than any other robotic vacuum cleaner today. It can remove all sorts of dirt and debris, including pet hair.

When you use an upright vacuum, sometimes you tend to go faster on certain areas, but the Neato xv-11 uses optimized speed for perfect cleaning. When it is done cleaning, it knows its way “back home” to the charging base, so you really don't have to do anything other than telling it when to clean and clearing its “dirt bag” from time to time. You can schedule Neato to automatically clean on a daily, weekly, or user defined basis.

If you don't have a robotic vacuum cleaner already, don't hesitate to get the Neato xv-11. It really is a remarkable piece of 21st century technology, and it will make your life easier.